5 Habits of Healthy People


Hi and happy Feel-Good Monday!

This is where we share our favorite tips, tricks, secrets, and ways to "think like a healthy person" so that you can find your own delicious path to healthy living.

"Feel-Good Mondays" are meant to help us get back into that place of feeling energized, nourished, and ready to take inspired action for the week ahead.  

If there’s one thing I’ve learned over the years, both on my personal journey and in coaching hundreds of clients, it’s this: We can learn to cultivate good health and healthier habits, and it starts with how we think.

This may surprise you, but if you know me well, you know I wasn’t born loving quinoa and kale 😉 It wasn’t until I changed my relationship with food that everything else fell into place (that’s when I finally lost the weight, skyrocketed my energy levels, and actually began craving healthy foods – all the time!!).

Once we get in the right mindset about how to lovingly take care of ourselves, the actions and results we desire come to us with so much more ease and less effort.

How do we do that? Here are the 5 habits that I find the healthiest people continuously cultivate for optimal results:

1. Focus on progression, not perfection.

Contrary to what you may think, being healthy is not about being "perfect" all the time. In fact, very often it's the small, incremental steps and changes that add up to the big results over time (an extra glass of water each day, committing to one green veggie per day). Not only is this more effective and sustainable, but if feels much better! I certainly don't want to imagine a life where I have to be perfect all of the time!! Instead, focus on small, easy, enjoyable steps over time that feel good — physically and mentally — and that can be sustained with ease. Taking this approach, you'll find that you start doing more “healthy stuff” naturally, with less force, and that you organically begin to "crowd out" some of your less healthy habits.


2. Support.

Healthy people know when they need to bring in support (expert support, friend support, etc). Being healthy is not about doing it on your own: It's about bringing in the support, expertise, and accountability that you need to feel your best and stay committed. Are you struggling to sustain a regular exercise routine? Consider hiring a personal trainer, committing to a group fitness class, or asking a friend to help hold you accountable. Is it hard to find enough time in the day to go grocery shopping? Consider using a food delivery service to bring food to your doorstep. Are you confused or overwhelmed about which foods you should be eating to heal your body and feel your best? Consider hiring a nutrition coach that feels like a good fit for your needs to create a game plan for you and get you on the right track.


3. Make time for indulgence.

Woohoo! This is my favorite part. Healthy people know the importance of making time in their life for indulgence. Militant exercise or dieting is not healthy, and sure isn't very fun, either. Making time in your life (and your diet) for indulgence that feels good is key to sustaining a healthy eating plan. For me, this means baking up a batch of delicious (yet healthier-than-average) scones on the weekend. Pre-pregnancy, it meant enjoying a glass of wine (or a margarita) with my husband on a Friday night. But it can also mean taking time out of your busy day to focus on something that feels good/playful/fun for you. This can be a visit at a local cafe for some journaling or reading, an "indulgent" mid-day nap, or simply a break in your day where you do something that feels GOOD to you! This is as necessary for good health as the food you eat – for real!


4. Find movement you enjoy.

Finding movement that you love is key to a healthy body. Forcing yourself to exercise when you don't like what you're doing is pretty torturous, and you're not likely to stick with it. But connecting to movement that feels fun is effective and freeing! And you're likely to keep it up long-term. Try out new classes (yoga, Pilates, barre), consider finding a personal trainer that you connect with, or if none of that appeals, try walking! Walking is one of the most natural – and effective – ways to move the body that doesn't require any tools or equipment (beyond a pair of shoes and some clothing). It's low-impact, calming, and meditative. It can also be a good opportunity to connect with nature and fresh air. Aim for 30 minutes of movement each day, and know that walking absolutely "counts" towards meeting that goal!


5. Appease your "inner mule".

When we force ourselves to eat healthy out of restriction and deprivation, it doesn't last very long. At Moss Wellness, we help our clients find ways to "appease their inner mule". That means making healthy choices for yourself based on love and respect for your body – never out of force. When you connect to that motivation and inspiration, that's what truly leads to lasting success. Before trying to "force" yourself to be healthier, instead connect in to WHY you want to make healthier choices for yourself. Maybe it's because you want to have more energy throughout your day, or because you want to heal your body from disease or discomfort, or because you simply want to feel happy, balanced, and vibrant as you go through your day. Whatever your reason, connect with it often — and use that as your inspiration to move forward with healthier choices.

Do you feel ready to try on some of these habits in your life? Are you ready to find the right support to finally reach your health and wellness goals? Reach out to us to schedule your complimentary phone consultation. It’s so possible for you to feel good every day, and we’ll show you how.



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