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Do you feel cold all the time?
This could be why.


Hi and happy Feel-Good Monday!

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One of the things I’ve enjoyed most about pregnancy is something that most pregnant ladies detest: I feel warmer than I ever have in my life.

Here I am lounging on a HOT Mexican beach and loving it!

As someone who used to feel perpetually cold all the time, this boost in body temperature comes as a welcome side effect of pregnancy.

But if you’re someone who feels cold all the time (as I used to), there are things you can do – other than getting pregnant! – that can help you out.

For me, circulation was a big culprit, and acupuncture really helped out in that department. I’ve also been prone to anemia in the past (having low iron, despite eating red meat) and figuring out dietary solutions really helped me out there.

Other clients come to us with low B12, thyroid conditions, and metabolism “stuff” that can all be playing a role in temperature fluctuations.

I was recently a featured expert in a Reader’s Digest article on “12 Medical Reasons You Always Feel Cold” – check it out for more tips, solutions, and advice on how to regulate your body temperature!

Featured Expert in Reader’s Digest Article

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PS: Last week I had the opportunity to lead a nutrition workshop at Plated, an awesome meal delivery company with a passion for great food! We talked about how to naturally boost energy levels through food and lifestyle, and I chatted with their culinary team on how to create balanced, delicious vegetarian meals. Many the employees who attended the workshop signed up to receive our Feel-Good Monday emails, and I'm so excited to welcome you all to the Moss Wellness community. :)

Andrea at Plated