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Eat Well Guide

This is a site I am so excited about.

It can be relatively easy (depending on where you live) to find local restaurants in your community that promote the use of fresh, locally grown food and sustainably, humanely-raised meat and dairy products. But when you travel, it’s another story. Which restaurant features organic produce and grass-fed steak? Which cafe used organic milk and supports local vendors?

Thank goodness for the Eat Well Guide. Eatwellguide.org is a free online directory of thousands of family farms, restaurants, and other outlets for fresh, locally grown food. They maintain a database of sustainably-raised meat and dairy producers, as well as include farmers’ markets, CSA programs, vegetarian eateries, and even features water-conscious ratings (listing restaurants and other outlets that conserve water and offer eco-friendly alternatives to bottled water!). Swoon. I love the Eat Well Guide.

You can search by location, whether local or far (as long as it’s within Canada and the U.S.) to find good food, download customized guides, or plan a trip with the mapping tool “Eat Well Everywhere.”

Eat Well is also home to “The Green Fork Blog”, showcasing the voices and values of the sustainable food movement.