Happy Holidays!

I wanted to take a moment and wish each and every one of you a wonderful, happy, healthy holiday!

I hope you are enjoying your time with friends and family, coworkers and neighbors.

And I hope you are remembering to breathe! In the midst of the chaos of the holiday season, it can be easy to get swept up in the busyness and constant “doing” — shopping, socializing, cooking, etc. Take this email as a reminder to stop whatever you’re doing and take a couple of deep breaths. Close your eyes, let your shoulders relax, and simply breathe.

It can be all too easy to neglect our self care during this busy season. Remember to prioritize doing at least one thing for health for yourself each day: whether it’s cooking yourself a healthy breakfast, getting in a 30 min workout, taking a few minutes to meditate or breathe, eating some veggies, getting a massage, spending time with people you like, breathing in some fresh air, or getting a hug after a long, busy day, it all adds up to healthier, happier you!

With that being said, have fun and enjoy your holiday! Here are some delicious dessert recipes from Integrative Nutrition to help you celebrate the season in a healthy way. Cheers!

Baked Bananas
Coconut Date Cookies
Delicious and Easy Thumbprint Cookies
Nutty Chocolate Crispies

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