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I recently worked with a large NYC hedge fund and I helped them revamp their giant office pantry! That meant swapping out less-than-healthy snack options (think junky granola bars and sugary cereals) for more balanced (yet super delicious!) choices.

This is one of my favorite things to do. I love swapping in healthier choices for beloved snacks and meals that still satisfy on a deep level, and doesn’t sacrifice flavor, but greatly bumps up the nutrition content of our food choices.

For some inspiration for your own pantry, here’s a recap of some of the snacks we swapped out at the hedge fund. So far we’ve gotten pretty great feedback from the employees! 

Salty, Crunchy
: Replace pretzels, potato chips, and puffed Asian rice snacks with toasted nuts, kale chips, roasted chickpeas, sweet potato chips made with coconut oil (try Jackson’s Honest), and seaweed snacks.

Sweet: Try fruit chips (like Bare apple chips), dark chocolate (at least 70%), healthier macaroons (like Hail Merry or Emmy’s), and fresh fruit. I also love natural fruit leather like Veggie Go’s.

Breakfast/Snack Bars: Swap in Larabars, RXbars, and Kind Bars for the typically processed, sugary breakfast bars (that truly are junk food in disguise).

Cereal: Trade sugary instant oatmeal for real rolled oats. This little switch drastically cuts down on sugar content, increases fiber content, and will keep you fuller and more energized than the instant stuff.

Beverages: Sugar-filled chocolate milks and sodas can be replaced with sparkling water, unsweetened ice teas, and fruit-sweetened smoothies (local companies often produce bottled smoothies that are sweetened with dates or other fresh fruits.


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