Healthy recipes for all of your summer parties!


Hi and happy Feel-Good Monday!

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Well, it's officially summer party season. Not only because we're about to go into July 4, but because last week was my birthday!

Celebrating with my birthday with this little guy!


In honor of my birthday this year, I'd like to gift YOU something special to help you party all summer long: A list of some of my favorite healthy party recipes, so that you can celebrate in delicious style (and in good health).

My favorite snacks to serve at a party:

Most of these can be store-bought, or assembled with very little prep time (you know I love shortcuts).:
Homemade (or store-bought) guacamole with organic tortilla chips (Siete is a is a recent LOVE of mine) or veggie crudite
Olives and pickled veggies
Hummus and veggies and/or Mary's Gone Crackers
Dry-roasted nuts with sea salt
Smoked fish bites on cucumber rounds
Kale chips

A roundup of my favorite party food recipes, from side dishes to mains:


Wishing you a delicious, healthy kick-off to summer!

Do you have a go-to party dish you'd like "renovated" to be healthier? Shoot us an email and we’ll help you out.

You can feel good every day. And we're here to support you.

With love,

P.S. – What are your favorite summer recipes? I’m looking for more ideas! Tell me about it on our Facebook page!