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How to a throw a healthy summer party (cause it’s my birthday!)


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Well, it's officially summer party season. Not only because we're about to go into July 4 weekend, but because today is my birthday!!

This is a beautiful, delicious gluten-free cake that my friend Jess made at a party last summer.

I'll be celebrating with some of my favorite people today, all day. From biking in the park (this afternoon) to my favorite fancy taco (and margarita) joint in the West Village (tonight), it's a true day of celebration, fun, and time with loved ones. I can't imagine a better way to ring in a new year.

And for my birthday this year, I'd like to gift YOU something special that will help you party all A list of some of my favorite healthy party recipes, so that you can celebrate in delicious style (and in good health).

My favorite snacks to serve at a party:

  • Homemade guacamole with organic tortilla chips or veggie crudite.
  • Most of these can be store-bought, or assembled with very little prep time. Which is how I like to roll.
  • Olives and pickled veggies
  • Hummus and veggies or Mary's Gone Crackers
  • Dry-roasted nuts with sea salt
  • Smoked fish on cucumber rounds
  • Kale chips

A roundup of my favorite party food recipes, from side dishes to mains:

Fish tacos with watermelon salsa


Quick Mexicana chili with quinoa salad


Classic turkey burgers


"Bacon" to top any burger (this tastes SO MUCH like bacon you won't believe it's…mushrooms!)

Grilled corn on the cob


Coconut curry salmon salad


Easy avocado and lentil salad


Cucumber tomato basil salad




Fruit! Slice up watermelon, throw cherries in a bowl, slice some berries and top with coconut whipped cream, or make fruit kabobs

Healthy, refreshing popsicles


A cleaner-but-still-scrumptious blueberry crisp


My favorite (healthy!!) chocolate chip cookies that taste like the real deal (really!!)


Wishing you a delicious, healthy start to your summer! Have an awesome long weekend and let me know which of these recipes become favorites.

Do you have a go-to party dish you'd like "renovated" to be healthier? Shoot me an email and I'll help you out.

You can feel good every day. And we are here to support you.



And the Moss Wellness Team

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