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I was always afraid of being hungry


Hi and happy Feel-Good Monday!

This is where we share our favorite tips, tricks, secrets, and ways to "think like a healthy person" so that you can find your own delicious path to healthy living.

"Feel-Good Mondays" are meant to help us get back into that place of feeling energized, nourished, and ready to take inspired action for the week ahead.  

I didn’t grow up craving quinoa, enjoying exercise, and understanding how to listen to my body. Not even close. I used to be almost 50 pounds heavier, obsessed with food, stagnant in my career and relationships, and quite moody.

I was raised by my mom and two doting Jewish grandmas who loved nothing more than to feed me. While my mom worked on building her business, my grandmas cared for me, day and night, and made sure I never went hungry.

I grew up learning that hunger wasn’t necessary – and, in fact, was something to be avoided at all costs. “You’re hungry two minutes before dinner? Snack on a chocolate pudding!” “Lunch is 20 minutes away? Have three slices of American cheese!” I grew up to see food as love, comfort, pleasure, bonding, and support.

After high school, I was an exchange student in Spain where I began to hide ham in my underwear drawer (yes, you guys have heard about that one by now!). By the time I reached my early twenties, even though life was technically “good” – no major health issues, a roof over my head, loving support from family and friends – I still didn’t feel personally fulfilled or inspired. I had worked my way through “fun and exciting” jobs in media over the years (working in advertising, as a food and travel writer, and as an associate producer for a national television news show), but I came to realize that I was worn out, lacking passion, cranky, and hungry for a career, a way of living, and way of eating that would feed (and finally satiate!) my mind, body, and spirit.

What I discovered on my wellness journey is that many of the usual approaches to weight loss, health, and healing are outdated.

Anyone who has ever been on a diet can tell you that diets don’t work in the long-term. It didn’t happen overnight, but I gradually found “alt” health, or what I consider to be the alternative to dieting: focusing on real food and reducing the rest. I began to focus on adding in more vegetables, healthy fats, and high quality proteins.

And something miraculous happened. First time in my life, I felt satiated. I wasn’t so hungry All. The. Time. The weight started coming off, and it was staying off. But something else happened, too: My mood swings vanished, I was thinking more clearly, my skin was glowing, and I was happier than I had ever been. Life didn’t feel as overwhelming and stressful. My passions and interests started changing. I started getting more pleasure from my eating even though my eating was cleaner and more balanced than it had ever been before.

I still love my espressos. I still love cocktails. I pride myself on being a healthy, balanced, indulgent foodie. Through my journey, what I discovered is that the biggest secret of all is that there is no one-size-fits-all diet for everyone. Your health, happiness, and well-being rely on discovering what works best and feels best for your individual body and your own bio-individuality.

These days, I love helping Moss Wellness clients reach their ideal weight, find balance in their lives, and feel confident about what to eat. And we get results.

When you’re ready to find what truly, deeply feeds you and get the support to find balance, ease, and confidence in your diet (and in your health), please reach out to us. It’s so possible for you, and we can’t wait to help you make it happen!

With love,

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