My favorite tips for healthy travel


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Today’s Feel-Good Monday email is sent to you via Mexico! Ole!

Matt and I came down with Rye here for the week to get some sunshine, r&r, and LOTS of guacamole.

I am a huge fan of vacation (who isn’t?!) and I actually credit our holidays as one of the major players in my own personal health formula.

Pleasure. Fun. Relaxation. Not only does it feel so good, but it’s actually really good for you! Conde Nast’s Traveler magazine reported that taking just 2 vacations a year can cut a person’s risk of heart attack by 50%!!

That’s right — there is actual evidence that shows that taking an annual (or, ideally, bi-annual) vacation can truly reduce your risk of cardiovascular disease and death.

And in a Framingham Heart Study, participants who took the fewest vacations turned out to be statistically most at risk to suffer a heart attack.


On the plane with Rye during our last vacation. I held those headphones in place for a long time (the price I’m willing to pay for a calm and happy flight…).


So what are you waiting for?! Pack those bags now! (And hey, if you can’t get away, a relaxing staycation totally counts — as long as you really relax!)

To help you along, here are some of my
favorite tips for a healthy holiday:

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I don’t live in a little health bubble when I go on vacation: I can promise you, some margaritas will be had this week! But I also do my best to balance out the delicious indulgence with healthier choices, too.

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Happy travels!