My top foods to eat when you’re stressed (featured in Redbook Mag!!!)

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I am so excited (and honored!) to have been featured in Rebook Magazine’s article last week on “foods to eat when you’re stressed”.

Check out the article here!

I was so excited when the editor called me for this piece, because this is the exact stuff I LOVE to talk about: How to use food as medicine.

I’ve done videos on this very topic before (check out my “foods that boost your mood” video), and it’s something I believe in so deeply. What we eat has the power to affect more than just our weight. The foods we eat affect everything in our life, from our energy levels to our focus and concentration to our immunity to –  yes! – our stress levels and our mood!

Food holds so much possibility for us, and I love helping our clients discover what’s possible when we unlock the “secret code” for their unique body so that they can finally feel confident about what to eat.

Try out some of my favorite stress-boosting foods in the article, from hot lemon water to cashews (Nature’s Prozac!) to fatty fish to Brazil nuts to dark chocolate (no surprise to see this food on one of my lists…).

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