The Process

Renovate Your Foundation

To get started on the path to glowing, thriving health, we have to start at the base and work on creating a strong and healthy foundation.

You can finally stop torturing yourself – the dieting ends here!

We will start by adding in delicious, clean foods that your body will love, and we will begin to minimize foods that may be irritating or inflaming your system.

Reboot Your Body

At this part of your program, we will look at all of the different options that may have left you confused in the past.

There is no one-size-fits all diet: It’s about discovering which specific foods help your unique body thrive.

Together, we will play nutrition detective to discover what foods your body enjoys best. This is the chance to reboot your body and start fresh, with renewed energy and focus.

Build Trust in Yourself

To create a healthy eating plan that you love, and want to sustain, we will explore new recipes, shopping options, and find exciting ways for you to enjoy – and love! – healthy eating.

You will finally feel confident about your food choices and know how to make educated choices of life.

No longer fight yourself to make healthy choices: Healthy eating and healthy living is about having fun and experiencing pleasure in life. As we work together, you will find that making healthy choices comes more easily to you.

Revitalize & Nourish Your Wellbeing

Being healthy is not about perfection. It is about listening to your body, getting in touch with your own intuition, and making healthier choices for your body out of love, experience, and knowledge – never out of force.

As you get in touch with your body’s internal clues, and discover which foods help you thrive, you will set lifestyle practices in place that are nourishing to your entire being. You will feel vibrant, awake, alive, and balanced.