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Ringing in a joyful new year
(or “how I’m really trying to let go”)


Hi and happy Feel-Good Monday!

This is where we share our favorite tips, tricks, secrets, and ways to "think like a healthy person" so that you can find your own delicious path to healthy living.

"Feel-Good Mondays" are meant to help us get back into that place of feeling energized, nourished, and ready to take inspired action for the week ahead.  

I totally love New Year’s resolutions.

Any time we get an opportunity to “reset,” to reflect on what we want for ourselves, it’s an opportunity to create real transformation. By understanding what we want to shift in our lives, we can start moving in the direction of what truly makes us feel happiest, most connected to what’s important, and what brings us a deeper sense of inner peace.

I always ask myself what intentions (or resolutions) I want to set for the new year, and to reflect on my intentions from the previous year.

Last year, I set out to “let go” more and practice more gratitude and appreciation for all that is, exactly as it is. As a new mom, the “letting go” part has been really hard. The house is often (ok, always) messy, there are tantrums and baby sicknesses that come at the worst times, and it often feels like there’s not enough time in any given day to actually get anything of real productivity done.

I certainly haven’t perfected the art of letting go all the time, and there are still many days where I find myself running around like an uptight spaz for much of the day. But even just remembering to chill out, be still, and appreciate (LOVE) what’s around me for several moments in each day has made a profound difference in my life. And it’s made me a happier person and a better mom, wife, daughter, and friend.

This year, my resolution continues to be spending time each day loving things (my life, my family, my surroundings) exactly as they are. There is so much beauty, joy, and delight that abounds all around, but it can be all too easy to get caught up in the "yeah, but if only…" mentality. And that aint no fun!!

What resolutions will you set for the year?

Here are four of my favorite, tried-and-true ways to use the inspiration of the new year to set you on the path towards reaching your goals. Grab a notebook, your favorite hot beverage, and settle in for some fun homework.

1) Set your intention: You have to know where you’re going in order to get there (well, you may still eventually get there without a map, but it will probably take a lot longer and require a lot more detours!). Your intention helps streamline the process.

What is it that you truly would like to achieve? Once you know, write it down. This is setting your intention.

2) Visualize or write out the outcome: Once you’ve set your intention, visualize or journal about what it would feel like to achieve that goal. Let’s say you want to lose weight: How would your clothes fit? What would you look like? What would you wear to the beach?

3) Enlist the help of a loved one: Let someone you trust in on your plan. Let them know that you would like their support to help you reach your goal. If you want to improve your eating, maybe that means asking your partner to cook more vegetables. Or to cut back on the sweet treats being brought back home from the grocery store.

4) Keep track of your progress: Taking notes on your progress (or even your challenges) helps you stay focused on your goal. It helps you work around obstacles and helps you to celebrate victories, large and small.

Wishing you a year of fun, adventure, joy, and delicious abundance ahead.

May 2018 be your best year yet!