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Sensational Skin: The Detoxifying Benefits of Dry-Brushing

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The skin is the largest organ in the body, and it’s responsible for a large percentage of our body’s daily detoxification. Our skin alone eliminates over a pound of waste acids each day! But sometimes toxins get stuck in the subcutaneous fat and fibrous tissue underneath our skin, increasing cellulite, causing lymphatic fluid build-up, and creating an overall imbalance in the body.

You can assist your skin in the detoxification process (and therefore help your body to “breathe” a little easier) in just a couple minutes each day by doing a simple technique known as “dry brushing.” Dry brushing is an easy way to stimulate detoxification by providing your body with a gentle internal massage from the outside in.

Have you ever seen those long, wooden brushes with natural hairs in the drugstore or health food shop? That’s the tool you’ll need. Be sure to get a brush with a long handle so that you’ll be able to reach all over your body, preferably with natural fibers in the brush.

A loofah or rough towel can also do the trick as well. Just be sure to choose something that’s not too rough or harsh on your body if you’re prone to skin sensitivity.

Start by standing naked in the shower, before you bathe. This way the dry skin you brush off will fall into the tub and not on the bathroom floor. Then start brushing. Where ever you start to brush, use long, sweeping, circular strokes in the direction of your heart.

This will help drain lymphatic fluids. And don’t neglect areas like the soles of your feet, your belly, or your armpits. Take care not to brush too hard in thin-skinned, sensitive areas. Avoid brushing anywhere the skin is broken or rashy.

When you’re finished brushing (5-10 minutes), simply shower and you’re done! A regular dry brushing routine will help remove cellulite, strengthen your immune system (by flushing out all those toxins!), tighten and tone the skin, and stimulate hormone and oil glands. It’s an inexpensive, invigorating routine with big results – provided you stick to your brushing regimen regularly.