Jayne A

Before I worked with Andrea, I juggled a balancing act of issues with my thyroid gland for over a decade. Working with Andrea Moss since the fall of 2012 has proven to be THE BEST INVESTMENT IN MYSELF and put me on a transformational personal journey path that became so much more than just “eating right” and “taking my vitamins regularly.”

Since working with Andrea, I discovered my own allergy to dairy and gluten sensitivity which literally flipped my world upside down – this is coming from an LA girl who LOVES her breakfast burritos filled with cheese, wrapped in a warm tortilla. I’ve also gained a strong awareness how varying aspects of my life: career/work, family/friends/coworkers and the people in my life and how they can either support or impede my own personal growth. Setting goals every month through my sessions with Andrea have proven to help a Type A person like me stay focus on incorporating new lifestyles adjustments making these changes all the more manageable and attainable.

Looking back on the last 2  1/2 years it truly has been a transformational personal journey. I am so thankful to have made the investment in myself to increase my own awareness of the incredible link food plays in health, spiritual and mental wellness.

Andrea is knowledgeable, caring, attentive, detail-oriented and has a very personable caring approach to every session. She is a fantastic listener! Each session felt like catching up with a best friend you haven’t seen in a while and through her probing coming out and realizing how much life can change, evolve and adjust between sessions.

I look forward to each of my sessions with Andrea and could not recommend a better nutritionist and life coach to help guide you through your own undiscovered self.

Jayne A.

Anna T

I first met Andrea back when I would have categorized myself as living a healthy lifestyle. I sought out Andrea because I wanted to eat healthier foods, cook more at home without feeling stressed, and qualify for the Boston marathon by running the Chicago Marathon in 3 hours, 35 minutes.

From January to September, Andrea . . .
* taught me to love my greens (kale is a girl’s best friend),
* opened my eyes to protein-rich breakfasts,
* encouraged me to explore the world of raw chocolate,
* changed my mindset to food as fuel, and
* showed me the power of chia seeds,

While I was pursuing healthy eating options, cooking incredibly tasty, easy and healthy meals for myself, Andrea also encouraged my pursuit of my marathon goal. She was my most enthusiastic cheerleader! I am proud to say that after four years of trying to qualify for the Boston Marathon, I finally met my goal on October 7th, 2012. I went from a 3:53 marathon to a 3:28! This could not have happened without the support and care that Andrea continually gave. Thank you Andrea!

Anna T.

Jillian H

Before I worked with Andrea I struggled to prioritize self care. I felt overwhelmed by the day-to-day pressures of work and life and saw that my health was suffering.

Since working with Andrea, I now feel in more control of my life. I feel stronger, healthier and better equipped to handle life’s stressors. I’ve discovered new recipes and tools to refocus my attention on taking care of myself and have been able to handle digestive and pain issues naturally.

Andrea is a kind and supportive person who has become a vital presence in my life. She celebrates your accomplishments with you and helps you work through the inevitable setbacks you face on the road to self-care. What I found most helpful from my sessions has been the specialized goals list and her vast network of health professionals that I have been able to draw from for additional support.

Jillian H.

Lisa M

Andrea Moss completely transformed my life!

A year ago I was curled up on the ground in the medical tent at mile 14 of a marathon in Indiana. Begging for a hysterectomy.

For the 18 months prior to that moment I had been slowly gaining weight and dealing with mounting health issues. I had turned 40 and my thyroid had given out. And while I have a great doctor who helped me figure out the thyroid issue, we couldn’t figure out why I still felt so crappy and continued to gain weight. I started to believe that this was just how it was going to be. After trying to monitor every calorie I ate and every mile I ran, I realized I was going to need help.

Within the first 4-6 weeks of working with Andrea, she helped me deduce that I could no longer tolerate soy and gluten. And then we worked on finding new foods for me to eat and new ways to eat the foods I loved. In the months that followed I dropped all the weight I had gained and learned to love vegetables. (a first for this vegetarian!)

But more importantly, I now feel so much better. I can do so much more. All the health issues I was having have been resolved. In fact, I just ran a half marathon 5 min faster than ever and next week I will be back running a marathon.

Andrea is great at working with each client individually. She doesn’t approach issues with blanket solutions. Rather she learned about me, my needs, my goals and then step by step, week by week, we made progress. It was never difficult or overwhelming. And it has been so amazingly worthwhile.

Lisa M

Christina D

I cannot say enough about Andrea Moss of Moss Wellness.

I was hospitalized for a week last year after becoming quite ill, and was sent home with basic information and a few hand outs about what I should eat on my road to recovery. Suffice it to say, it was a huge adjustment and it wasn’t very helpful.

I started working with Andrea, and she dug down to the bottom of my issues, made sure she understood all of the medical history and what was recommended, and then helped me create a plan that included some additional testing to really get to the bottom of exactly what supplements I needed and a diet that supported my health but was tailored to my lifestyle.

Andrea really takes the time to get to know who you are as a person, and what would be most realistic in terms of a daily diet- for example, she understands it’s not always feasible for me to cook at home, so we went through local take out menus to identify the best choices.

Andrea is ALWAYS there to help support – emotionally, physically (holistically) and really cares about how her patients are doing and feeling. There are so many food choices out there, it can be extremely overwhelming and confusing, so having someone like Andrea in your corner to help guide you through what is actually healthy and what is not is invaluable. I cannot thank Andrea enough for all she has done for me – I am feeling so much better and am much more educated about the steps I need to take to continue on my journey to full recovery. I’d highly recommend her to anyone who has had health issues, or is ready to make a change to a healthier lifestyle but hasn’t taken the leap and may need some help getting started. She is an incredible person and nutritionist who is sympathetic, non-judgemental and genuinely wants to help you get healthy and feel well!

Christina D.

Elizabeth Pongo

I am a personal trainer and the owner of Pongo Power studio. We consider ourselves quite fortunate to work with Andrea Moss. She is a role model to us all; her exceptionally positive attitude is well-matched by her knowledge and dedication to nutrition and wellness.

Andrea always has a wealth of information to share about how to fuel our bodies, and attain even greater energy. Being personal trainers, we are often on the go, active; and we need to perform physically, at a higher level. Each one of us has sought (and received) outstanding information from Andrea in order to better our own lives.

It is such a joy to be able to recommend Moss Wellness to all of our clients. We know they will be in good hands, and that she can guide them to figure out the best nutritional habits to form, and lifestyle changes to make, in order to truly transform all of our lives.

Elizabeth Pongo