Success Stories

Anna T

I first met Andrea back when I would have categorized myself as living a healthy lifestyle. I sought out Andrea because I wanted to eat healthier foods, cook more at home without feeling stressed, and qualify for the Boston marathon by running the Chicago Marathon in 3 hours, 35 minutes.

From January to September, Andrea . . .
* taught me to love my greens (kale is a girl’s best friend),
* opened my eyes to protein-rich breakfasts,
* encouraged me to explore the world of raw chocolate,
* changed my mindset to food as fuel, and
* showed me the power of chia seeds,

While I was pursuing healthy eating options, cooking incredibly tasty, easy and healthy meals for myself, Andrea also encouraged my pursuit of my marathon goal. She was my most enthusiastic cheerleader! I am proud to say that after four years of trying to qualify for the Boston Marathon, I finally met my goal on October 7th, 2012. I went from a 3:53 marathon to a 3:28! This could not have happened without the support and care that Andrea continually gave. Thank you Andrea!

Anna T.