Success Stories

Christina D

I cannot say enough about Andrea Moss of Moss Wellness.

I was hospitalized for a week last year after becoming quite ill, and was sent home with basic information and a few hand outs about what I should eat on my road to recovery. Suffice it to say, it was a huge adjustment and it wasn’t very helpful.

I started working with Andrea, and she dug down to the bottom of my issues, made sure she understood all of the medical history and what was recommended, and then helped me create a plan that included some additional testing to really get to the bottom of exactly what supplements I needed and a diet that supported my health but was tailored to my lifestyle.

Andrea really takes the time to get to know who you are as a person, and what would be most realistic in terms of a daily diet- for example, she understands it’s not always feasible for me to cook at home, so we went through local take out menus to identify the best choices.

Andrea is ALWAYS there to help support – emotionally, physically (holistically) and really cares about how her patients are doing and feeling. There are so many food choices out there, it can be extremely overwhelming and confusing, so having someone like Andrea in your corner to help guide you through what is actually healthy and what is not is invaluable. I cannot thank Andrea enough for all she has done for me – I am feeling so much better and am much more educated about the steps I need to take to continue on my journey to full recovery. I’d highly recommend her to anyone who has had health issues, or is ready to make a change to a healthier lifestyle but hasn’t taken the leap and may need some help getting started. She is an incredible person and nutritionist who is sympathetic, non-judgemental and genuinely wants to help you get healthy and feel well!

Christina D.