Success Stories

Lisa M

Andrea Moss completely transformed my life!

A year ago I was curled up on the ground in the medical tent at mile 14 of a marathon in Indiana. Begging for a hysterectomy.

For the 18 months prior to that moment I had been slowly gaining weight and dealing with mounting health issues. I had turned 40 and my thyroid had given out. And while I have a great doctor who helped me figure out the thyroid issue, we couldn’t figure out why I still felt so crappy and continued to gain weight. I started to believe that this was just how it was going to be. After trying to monitor every calorie I ate and every mile I ran, I realized I was going to need help.

Within the first 4-6 weeks of working with Andrea, she helped me deduce that I could no longer tolerate soy and gluten. And then we worked on finding new foods for me to eat and new ways to eat the foods I loved. In the months that followed I dropped all the weight I had gained and learned to love vegetables. (a first for this vegetarian!)

But more importantly, I now feel so much better. I can do so much more. All the health issues I was having have been resolved. In fact, I just ran a half marathon 5 min faster than ever and next week I will be back running a marathon.

Andrea is great at working with each client individually. She doesn’t approach issues with blanket solutions. Rather she learned about me, my needs, my goals and then step by step, week by week, we made progress. It was never difficult or overwhelming. And it has been so amazingly worthwhile.

Lisa M