Meg D

The review that follows is specifically about my work with Jackie, a Moss Wellness coach, but in general I give Andrea and her team a GLOWING 5 stars. They are smart, thorough, well prepared, professional, supportive, and a true pleasure to work with.

Jackie was a great leader — helped me fine tune my larger goals and break them down into smaller, easier to accomplish goals month-to-month, and was sure to note when I had reached them (and to celebrate with me!) She was really great at coming up with solutions to problems I thought were unsolvable (for instance, when I felt like there would be no satisfying replacement for dairy in my life, she had many, many excellent suggestions that I still utilize to this day). She was flexible, caring, and clever. She definitely knows her stuff. Best of all, I could tell Jackie really cared about me and the work I was doing, and was a great support during a time of many changes.

At this point I am I’m totally free of coffee (do you hear me? TOTALY FREE and loving it), dairy, most soy, simple carbs, and I make 90% of my meals at home. My sleep is longer and better quality. I have twice as much energy as I used to. I learned how to truly care for myself. It took A LOT of work, and was not always easy. These changes never would have been possible without the work I did with Jackie.

If you are really looking to change your life, Moss Wellness can help you make that change. I cannot recommend them highly enough.

Meg D.

Gene S

As good as it gets says it well. I originally met Andrea when she came to speak to our running group and brought her famous cookies. As the years went by I faced some health challenges and turned to her for advice. She started my wife and I on our first “cleanse ” which taught us so much about our diet and ourselves. She does not dictate what you should do but leads you to your own discovery of what is good and what is unnecessary. She has introduced us to a range of new products and ideas as well as a binder full of great recipes.

Gene S.

Ruth G

What impresses me most about Andrea is not her intelligence and vast knowledge about nutrition, but the way she relates to people: in a non-judgmental, take-you-as-you-are manner that put me at ease immediately.
And Andrea did something that even my own mother couldn’t: she got me to cook meals for myself! Yes, I was someone who thought that a stove was there to store stuff that didn’t fit anywhere else!

And if that wasn’t enough: Andrea also introduced me to foods that never entered my field of vision, let alone my tummy…things like tofu, kale, wheatberries — go know! Mikey likes ’em!

I cannot recommend Andrea highly enough. If you have issues with your weight, or want to feel better through proper nutrition, make an appointment to see her. You won’t regret your decision!

Ruth G.

Jaime Carson

It is a pleasure and a treat to work with Andrea Moss! I have done her Reboot cleanse two times now and freely send my clients to her when they are needing to tune up the way they are treating their bodies from the inside. Andrea’s approach is gentle, thoughtful and EFFECTIVE. She truly listens to what our individual goals are and the best part is that the custom program she designs is do-able and realistic for each person’s lifestyle.

I have started and prematurely ended many diets and cleanses. I find them to be too challenging and too restrictive to get to the reward. Andrea makes this process so much easier and even fun!

Working with Andrea will help you to surprise yourself at how you can change your body and increase your energy, yet not feel deprived. I highly recommend her to anyone wanting to improve the condition of their health and I will continue to have her in my life as my go-to nutrition coach.

Jaime Carson

Aubrey L

First of all, I want to say that my whole view of food has changed through my work with Jackie, one of Moss Wellness’ nutrition coaches. She was instrumental in coaching me through detoxing my body, giving me extremely helpful advice during each of our sessions, and helping to gently (but in a relatively short amount of time) get me to change my view on food. I noticed that my body felt better than it ever had—I felt full of energy and as time went on it became easier and easier for me to choose healthy options over the choices I would have habitually made.

My goals going into this experience were to feel better, learn to eat healthy, change my eating habits (which were atrocious—I grew up eating fast food and at restaurants for most of my meals), and also to lose weight in time for my wedding. After just 3 months I had lost over 20 pounds and it wasn’t a painful process like previous things I had tried – Jackie actually made it pretty easy – and helped to keep things low key for me if I started over thinking things. She had great advice and I did what she told me. She was very supportive, easy to talk to and really knowledgeable.

Changing your eating habits can seem overwhelming – but if you’re ready for the change, Moss Wellness will help you to gain the tools you need to lead a healthy life.

Aubrey L.

Sofia Negron

I went to Andrea Moss because I felt awful all the time and could not lose the last few pounds of baby weight. My baby at the time was 7 years old!

Andrea dived into my symptoms and gave me several good ideas. However, when I did her spring 5 day cleanse, I noticed a marked difference. Eating just veggies, fruit and lean protein plus cutting out dairy, gluten, processed foods, added sugars, caffeine and alcohol for 5 days was the best thing I ever did. After 2 days I felt amazing! I felt light, I had lots of energy, no bloating, no brain fog, and people told me I was glowing. I felt like a new person!

I cut out gluten from my diet 3 years ago, and this stopped all my stomach and body issues that I had struggled with for over 15 years. I lost the baby weight and have learned what makes my body feel good. Andrea is always there for a quick chat, to discuss a recent article or issue I may be experiencing.

I am also a photographer and with Andrea’s help we developed great meals and ideas for on the go foods for my long shoot days and busy days running around the city.

I love Andrea Moss!!! She is extremely knowledgeable about nutrition, different digestive issues, and how to apply nutrition to your everyday life. She lets you know the ideal but helps you find weekly and monthly goals that are realistic. She is non-judgmental and open to your likes and dislikes. She is also one of the sweetest and most caring individuals. I love all her tips and how you can integrate them into your lifestyle. She keeps you inspired with her own stories and her own nutrition adventure.

Sofia Negron