They wanted to remove her thyroid, uterus, and gallbladder…


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I recently had a consultation with a woman in her late 40’s who was trying to heal from a slew of health concerns: autoimmune disease, hormonal imbalance, and digestive distress.

These issues had plagued her for at least a decade, getting better and worse over time. As you can imagine, she had seen a number of doctors and specialists over the years to try and “solve” these health problems. And yet here she was coming to us, because nothing had worked – long-term – that she’d tried before.

This woman confided that she had doctors who had tried to remove her gallbladder, thyroid, and uterus over the years – but she “wouldn’t let ‘em”!

She wanted to heal, but intuitively knew that getting rid of organs wasn’t going to be the cure-all she was searching for.

It was her most recent doctor (an endocrinologist who specializes in integrative medicine) who had sent her to us. Her doctor told her, wisely, that while there were medications and procedures that might help, ultimately it would come down to finding the right combo of diet and lifestyle to truly get the results she was looking for.

In the brief 30 minutes that we initially spoke, I could see that she was most likely suffering from hidden food sensitivities, toxicity, and an imbalance of good/”bad” bacteria in her gut. You can remove an organ, but if you don’t balance out (and find solutions for) those long-standing issues, nothing will truly “heal” and the cycle will repeat over and over again. We see a lot of these “health nightmares” in our practice, but we specialize in finding the root cause of – and solutions to – frustrating health issues.

In our practice, our team of expert coaches find the hidden connections between all of the symptoms you might be experiencing (unwanted weight gain, hormonal imbalance, digestive distress, skin issues, energy swings, sleep concerns, etc) and come up with solutions that address the whole body (not just one “organ” or hormone, etc). This is where true healing happens. And it’s what gets us outstanding results with our clients.

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