Berries for Heart Health

Sprinkle those blueberries on your morning oatmeal, toss those raspberries into your smoothie, and chop those strawberries into your salad. Research from the Journal of the American Heart Association shows that women who eat berries frequently have a 32 percent lower risk for heart attack than those who ate berries only once a month (or […]

Breakfast for Weight Loss

Great weight loss tip from Dr Mark Hyman: “Of people who lost 70 pounds or more and kept it off for 4 or more years, the only things they had in common were breakfast and regular exercise. It is one of the most powerful strategies. But it can’t be a muffin and a latte. The […]

Avocados for Healthy Cholesterol

Avocados are filling, nutritious, and delicious. They have monounsaturated fat (the good kind) that actually helps lower cholesterol. And they also contain beta-sitosterol, a natural substance shown to significantly lower blood cholesterol levels. I like to slice avocado and eat with eggs, mash them into a scrumptious guacamole, chop some into my salad, whir some […]

Vacation: It’s Good for You!

As if I actually needed another reason to take a vacation, Conde Nast’s Traveler magazine reported that taking just 2 vacations a year can cut a person’s risk of heart attack by 50%!! There is actual evidence that shows that taking an annual (or, ideally, bi-annual) vacation can truly reduce your risk of heart attack and death. […]

Take One Dog and Call Me in the Morning

What reduces stress levels, lowers blood pressure, reduces your risk of heart disease, and needs a good scratch on the head when you wake up in the morning? Answer: your loveable dog. Or adorable cat. Or beloved guinea pig. Studies show that having an animal in your home improves your overall sense of wellbeing. This isn’t […]

Go Green for an Immunity Boost

1 serving of kale has almost as much vitamin C as an orange, but with the addition of cancer-fighting compounds, megadoses of calcium, and loads of vitamins A & K. That adds up to a powerful green that helps protect your immune system from invaders.