Quick Tips

Take One Dog and Call Me in the Morning

What reduces stress levels, lowers blood pressure, reduces your risk of heart disease, and needs a good scratch on the head when you wake up in the morning? Answer: your loveable dog. Or adorable cat. Or beloved guinea pig.

Studies show that having an animal in your home improves your overall sense of wellbeing. This isn’t shocking news for the 57% of us Americans pet owners (yours truly included! shout out to my 3 cats!!), but there’s actual “scientific” research to back this up. According to the British Medical Journal, pet ownership is linked to health and wellbeing. Besides enjoying the unconditional love of our furry friends, they also get us off the couch. Walking your dog each day can help lead to weight loss and boost heart health. And exercising with your dog can also help you to socialize more, by getting you out of the house and having a chat with your neighbor or dog-run buddies. Pets can help prevent loneliness, too.