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Use these foods in place of Botox


Hi there, and happy Feel-Good Monday!

This is where we share our favorite tips, tricks, secrets, and ways to "think like a healthy person" so that you can find your own delicious path to healthy living.

"Feel-Good Mondays" are meant to help us get back into that place of feeling energized, nourished, and ready to take inspired action for the week ahead.  

Today we're kicking off video 2 in our series on "Skin Food" – how to use natural, healthy foods (internally, and externally) to get the glow.

In this week's video, skincare expert to the stars, Cecilia Wong, and I talk about Botox alternatives. We review which foods you can reach for to have more supple, radiant skin (to keep you out of the derm and plastic surgeon's office!).


Botox Foods


If you missed last week's video on food to reach for to clear up acne, be sure to check out video 1.

What are your favorite foods for glowing skin? Share your skincare secrets on our FB page.

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And the Moss Wellness Team