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Why I’m in love with the coconut

Hi and happy Feel-Good Monday!

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This week, check out the fun video I did with my friend Sofia of The Healthy Photographer. We hung out in my kitchen and discussed why I am in love with the coconut: You can use it to hydrate, boost energy levels, and in your favorite healthy baking recipes as a flour-alternative.



If you’re a client of mine (or have spent any time with me..like, at all) then you know I LOVE coconut. In all forms. Many of our clients are surprised when I introduce them to the wonder of the coconut, because many people still hold on to the idea that coconut fat is bad for you.

Great news: It’s not.

And not only is it not “bad” for you, it’s actually one of the healthiest foods around. Coconuts contain medium-chain triglycerides (MCT) — these are fats that can act as an immediate energy source for the body. This is great for anyone who wants to boost energy levels (who doesn’t?!), recover more quickly from workouts, or boost metabolism.

Awesome, right?

I’m also a huge fan of the coconut because it’s so darn versatile. From coconut water to coconut milk to coconut flour to shredded coconut flakes, it’s a delicious chameleon of a food that can be worked into so many recipes. Check out our video for some fun coconut inspiration!

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