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Why my diet shouldn’t be your diet


Hi and happy Feel-Good Monday!

This is where we share our favorite tips, tricks, secrets, and ways to "think like a healthy person" so that you can find your own delicious path to healthy living.

"Feel-Good Mondays" are meant to help us get back into that place of feeling energized, nourished, and ready to take inspired action for the week ahead.  

I had a consultation call with a prospective client a week ago (let's call her "Jessie"). Jessie had finally reached out to us because she just couldn't take it anymore. We were her last hope, the end of the line for her in seeking a solution to her IBS issues, weight gain, and lack of energy. 

"I just don't know where to turn or what to do at this point," she told me. "I've had stomach aches and bloating for years, and no doctor can tell me why. I've read that I could have food sensitivities or yeast overgrowth. One of my friends went paleo and all of her issues went away! But then I read that a vegan diet is the best way to go. I read that probiotics can help. I heard that doing a cleanse can help. I know that stress can play a role, too. And do I need supplements??

I just feel overwhelmed and confused by all of the options out there, and don't know what to do next. I don't have enough time in the day to sort through all of this and figure it out. And am really hoping you can help me!"

Sound familiar? If you've ever dealt with a health issue, you probably found more "answers" to your problem on Google than in 10 medical books combined. And there are thousands of personal stories out there on what to try, what works, and what doesn't.

But here's a secret: Most diets work and many approaches work — for someone. But not necessarily you

Because you are unique. You're different than everybody else. And what your body needs is very specific to you.
If you are suffering from digestive issues, autoimmune disease, lack of energy, weight gain, or thyroid concerns, know that what your body needs may be very different than your spouse, coworker, or me! 

You could have undiagnosed food sensitivities. You could need to do a detox. You might need more protein, veggies, or healthy fats in your diet. You might need support to help heal your gut. Or you might need more nutrients than you're currently receiving/able to absorb from your food. You might need support for better sleep. You might need to move your body differently.

I definitely encourage dietary experimentation: by all means, try different foods and see how your body responds best! That's a great way of getting true, specific feedback from your body and what makes you feel good. 

But if you feel overwhelmed, confused, and you want to get answers ASAP on what's keeping you from feeling good every day, I highly encourage you to reach out. 

We specialize in customizing a diet and lifestyle approach that truly works best for YOU, to truly feel your best. 

We offer complimentary consultations, and we can't wait to support you. Contact us when you're ready to fully engage in the world again and finally feel confident and comfortable in your own skin. 



P.S. You don't have to go it alone! Stop the diet overwhelm. End the confusion. Get the answers and the support you need to finally make your health and wellness goals happen this year. Contact us today!

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