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Local Eating: What’s in Season for December?

Fresh apples are the only fruits still available at the east coast farmers markets. But at your local grocery store you can snatch up delicious winter fruits like juicy grapefruits and oranges, and pomegranates. As far as the veggie world goes, there’s still lots available for the picking: cauliflower, collards, onions, sweet potatoes, beets (don’t forget to use the beet greens!), carrots, radishes, parsnips, rosemary, sage and other fresh herbs, and cabbage. There’s caramel-sweet winter squash of all kinds and some of the less well-known veggies are still peaking right now: celeriac, turnips, and rutabagas. If you’re not familiar with those veggies, be daring and try making a new dish with them. Your local vendor can give you some recipe tips.

Support your area’s farmers by buying local whenever you can. In addition to the fruits and vegetables available at farmers markets, many also carry free-range chicken and turkey, grass-fed beef and lamb, locally-sourced fish, local dairy products, artisan breads and baked goods, local wines, and organic, pastured eggs. Local food tastes better since it’s so fresh! If you live in one of the five boroughs, click here to find a map of local markets in your area:NYC Greenmarket